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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
I Am Don Quixote1987Spain and Traditions100152230
I Do19912008Bridal and Romanticism100583562
I Feel Pretty19901998Children100567820
I Feel Pretty19901992Children101567820
I Feel Pretty!20062011Children100823800
I Have Found The Dulcinea19851990Around the World100534100
I Hope She Does...19871998Children100545071
I Hope She Does...19871992Children101545010
I Love Christmas!20002002Children100667211
I Love You Truly1987Bridal and Romanticism100152821
I Love You Truly19871992Bridal and Romanticism101152884
I Love You, Dad2014Motherhood and Families100878310
I Love You, Mom2005Motherhood and Families101811500
I Want To Be Like You2010Motherhood and Families100848210
I'll Be Santa20042006Christmas100682300
I'll Get There First2007Christmas100832510
I'll Get You!20052015Children100816620
I'll Keep You Warm20062015Children100826510
I'm Sleepy19972001Sculptures and Nudes101235810
I'm Sleepy19972001Children101633810
I'm So Tired!20042008Fantasy101696930
I've Got It!19911995Children100582740
Ice Cream-Vendor19852004Children100532510
Ice Cream-Vendor19851992Children101532510
Idea (Ebony Look)20072010Women100827700
Ideopsis Gaura20052008Fantasy101809500
Idyl19701991Ballet and Circus100101721
Idyl19701991Ballet and Circus101101701
Illusion (Re-Deco)2007Fantasy100702820
Immaculate Virgin1995Christianity and Judaism100179920
Imperial Dragon Fan2010Vases and Decorative Obj.100195100
Imperial Jug Enamel Green19711986Vases and Decorative Obj.100114100
Imperial Jug Enamel Red19711986Vases and Decorative Obj.100114300
Imperial Jug Enamel Yellow19711986Vases and Decorative Obj.100114200
In A Magical Garden20022005Children100687700
In A Tropical Garden19851995Around the World100147920
In A Tropical Garden19851992Around the World101147910
In A Tropical Garden (Special Edition)2013Around the World100873820
In Admiration19982001Ballet and Circus100648500
In Barcelona19992005Spain and Traditions100666320
In Concert19972001Men101370100
In Full Relave19911994Ballet and Circus100581500
In Full Relave19911994Ballet and Circus101581500
In Mother's Arms20002003Motherhood and Families101241600
In My Garden2012Children100866300
In My Thoughts2016Women100924310
In Neptune's Waves19972000Fantasy100639700
In No Hurry19901994Children100567910
In Search Of Water19972005Women101235700
In The Balustrade19741998Women100127210
In The Balustrade2014Bridal and Romanticism100868020
In The Country20002003Women101241110
In The Distance19831986Sculptures and Nudes101353400
In The Emperor's Forest2000Oriental Traditions100185800
In The Garden19771981Women100497810
In The Garden19871996Children100541630
In The Garden19871992Children101541610
In The Gondola1978Bridal and Romanticism100135061
In The Laboratory2006Women100815211
In The Meadow19861991Children100150811
In The Meadow19861991Children101150801
In The Procession19951998Bridal and Romanticism100619920
In The Procession19951998Bridal and Romanticism101619910
In Touch With Nature19992005Around the World100657210
In Touch With Nature (Re-Deco)20092013Around the World100716700
Incense Burner (Black)20062015Gres101249500
Incense Burner (Blue)20062011Around the World100819500
Incense Burner Pulse Of Africa20072015Around the World101250300
Indian Brave19941998Men101356200
Indian Chief19941998Men101356610
Indian Chief -B-19831987Men101212710
Indian Dance2005Buddhism and Hinduism100812810
Indian Maiden19972000Women100636910
Indian Princess19942002Around the World100178000
Indolence19831989Sculptures and Nudes101300310
Infant Jesus2008Christianity and Judaism100834710
Infant Of Cebu19931998Christianity and Judaism100593700
Infantile Candour19771981Ballet and Circus100496300
Infantile Candour19771981Ballet and Circus101496300
Infinite Tumbler2017High Porcelain100962800
Ingenue Princess House Sp19931998Women100752511
Innate Curiosity20062008Fantasy101822700
Inner Beauty20022008Women101688920
Inner Star20032013Jewelry Accessories101001700
Innocence In Bloom19961998Women1007644193
Inside Out Box - Dog (Turquoise)20082009Lart de la Table100724800
Inside Out Box - Dog (White)20082009Lart de la Table100724700
Inside Out Box - Girl (Turquoise)20082016Re-Cyclos by Committee100724400
Inside Out Box - Girl (White)20082016Re-Cyclos by Committee100724300
Inside Out Box - Man (Turquoise)20082016Re-Cyclos by Committee100724600
Inside Out Box - Man (White)20082016Re-Cyclos by Committee100724500
Inspiration19871994Bridal and Romanticism100541311
Inspiring Muse19921994Fantasy100585000
Insular Embroideress19741994Women100486569
Insular Lady19691980Women100035920
Intermezzo (Leb)19992002Ballet and Circus101358000
Intermission19972007Ballet and Circus101237000
Interrupted Nap19911995Children100576010
Iris And Cherry Flowers Fan2009Vases and Decorative Obj.100193610
Iris Arrangement19881990Flowers100154200
Iris Centerpiece2013Flowers100865200
Irresistible Attraction20062010Bridal and Romanticism101191200
Isabel De Castilla19741981Women100493200
Isabel La Catolica19861991Sculptures and Nudes100301000
Island Beauty19871990Women101217210
Island Beauty1998Children101238230
Island Breeze19992002Sculptures and Nudes101239400
Island Girl19871990Women101217120
It Wasn't Me!19982000Dogs and Cats1007672104
It's A Boy!19972007Fantasy100641511
It's A Girl!19972007Fantasy100641631
It's Almost Time20032008Christmas100689511
It's Magic!19982001Ballet and Circus101237210
It's Morning Already19972002Children100648310
It's Morning Already19972002Children101648310
It's Your Turn!19931996Children100595920

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