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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired CollectionPart Number Right Now on eBay
Eagle-Owl19721986Other Animals101122410
Eagles19721986Other Animals101118921
Eagles Nest19811995Other Animals101352300
Early Awakening1998Sculptures and Nudes101236910
Earrings Clover Face2009Jewelry Accessories101010400
Earrings Diamond Face2009Jewelry Accessories101010300
Earrings Harlequin Face2009Jewelry Accessories101010200
Earrings Kind Clown2009Jewelry Accessories101010000
Earrings Mask Face2009Jewelry Accessories101010100
Earrings Smart Clown2009Jewelry Accessories101009900
Earth-Cherubs On Small Light Turq.Earth20082015Angels100724200
Earth-Cherubs On Small Turq. Earth20082015Angels100724100
Easter Bonnets19921994Women100585210
Easter Bunnies19921996Other Animals100590240
Easter Fantasy19952003Fantasy100181010
Ebony19941998Sculptures and Nudes101302710
Egyptian Cat19821985Dogs and Cats100515410
Egyptian Cat19831985Dogs and Cats101213010
Egyptian Geese2012Other Animals101254810
Eight Sided Mirror (Black & White)2009Mirrors and Wall Art100715900
Eight Sided Mirror (Black)2010Mirrors and Wall Art100777800
Eight Sided Mirror (Blue)2009Mirrors and Wall Art100715810
Eight Sided Mirror (Red)2010Mirrors and Wall Art100777600
Eight Sided Mirror (White / Silver)2010Mirrors and Wall Art100778100
El Greco19861990Men100535910
El Toro19891991Other Animals100554500
Elegance On Ice20002005Ballet and Circus100665331
Elegant Foxtrot2012Sports and Professions100863850
Elegant Promenade1991Women100580232
Elegant Swan2006Other Animals100827141
Elegant Trio19992003Other Animals100659100
Elephant19871990Other Animals1005438295
Elephant (Lamp)19781985Lighting101211100
Elephant -B-19781983Other Animals101211001
Elephant Basket2008Other Animals100839310
Elephant Box2012Buddhism and Hinduism100901300
Elephant Family19711981Other Animals101476400
Elephant Goal2008Other Animals100839210
Elephant Touchdown2008Other Animals100839420
Elephants19952002Other Animals1012297162
Elephants Walking1971Other Animals100115081
Elvis Presley2015Men100846900
Emperor19952000Around the World101230000
Empire Vase19721986Vases and Decorative Obj.100119911
Empress19952000Around the World101230110
En Pointe19972001Ballet and Circus100637100
Enchanted Glade20122016Bridal and Romanticism100859710
Enchanted Outing1994Children100179760
Enchanted Prince2009Other Animals100844452
Enchanted Prince (Re-Deco)2010Other Animals100718811
Endless Life20032009Jewelry Accessories101000100
Endless Love1999Bridal and Romanticism1006585326
Endless Love (Re-Deco)2007Other Animals100704930
English Lady19851994Women100532401
English Lady19851992Women101532431
Enigmatic Beauty2009Oriental Traditions100846720
Equus Bowl2008Lart de la Table101714700
Equus Butter Dish2008Lart de la Table101714900
Equus Butter Knife20082010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 101715120
Equus Cof.Cups+Saucers Gilded(Set For 2)20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 101714300
Equus Cof.Cups+Saucers White(Set For 2)20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 101714200
Equus Coffee Cup With Saucer2008Lart de la Table101715400
Equus Letter Opener20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 101713900
Equus Magnifier20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 101713800
Equus Mug Gilded20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 101714100
Equus Mug White20072010Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 101714000
Equus Napkin Ring (Set Of Two)20082016Re-Cyclos by Bodo Sperlein 101714600
Equus Pedestal Bowl2008Lart de la Table101714800
Equus Plate2008Lart de la Table101715000
Equus Tea Cup2008Lart de la Table101715300
Equus Teapot2008Lart de la Table101715200
Ermine19711981Other Animals101476912
Eros And Psyche2014Angels100912830
Eskimo Boy19702005Around the World1012007313
Eskimo Boy With Pet1984Children100523811
Eskimo Boy With Pet19942002Around the World101226910
Eskimo Boy With Pet19841992Around the World1015238124
Eskimo Girl19702005Around the World1012008273
Eskimo Girl With Cold Feet19852007Around the World101215731
Eskimo Nap (Girl)20102015Children101254100
Eskimo Playing19722007Around the World10011954011
Eskimo Playing19721992Around the World101119551
Eskimo Playing19782005Children101209711
Eskimo Riders1986Around the World100535340
Eskimo Riders19942002Around the World101227001
Eskimo Riders19862005Around the World1015353168
Eskimo Slumber (Boy)20102015Children101254010
Essence Of A Woman2015Women100917620
Essence Of Man I20052009Men101814700
Essence Of Man Ii20052008Men101814500
Essence Of Man Iii20052010Men101814900
Essence Of Woman I20052009Women101814600
Essence Of Woman Ii20052008Women101814400
Essence Of Woman Iii20052010Women101814800
Estatic Harlequin19741981Ballet and Circus101205500
Esthetic Pose19731985Women100485081
Esthetic Pose19731985Women101485001
Estratos - Box (Burgundy)2012Vases and Decorative Obj.100906300
Estratos - Box (Green)20122015Estratos100905100
Estratos - Large Lamp -Burgundy (Ce)20122016Estratos100906400
Estratos - Large Lamp -Burgundy (Jp)20122016Estratos100906700
Estratos - Large Lamp -Burgundy (Uk)20122016Estratos100906500
Estratos - Large Lamp -Burgundy (Us)20122016Estratos100906600
Estratos - Large Lamp -Green (Ce)20122016Estratos100905200
Estratos - Large Lamp -Green (Jp)20122016Estratos100905500
Estratos - Large Lamp -Green (Uk)20122016Estratos100905300
Estratos - Large Lamp -Green (Us)20122016Estratos100905400
Estratos - Large Vase (Burgundy)20122015Estratos100906000
Estratos - Large Vase (Green)20122015Estratos100904800
Estratos - Medium Vase (Burgundy)20122015Estratos100906100
Estratos - Medium Vase (Green)20122015Estratos100904900
Estratos - Small Lamp -Burgundy (Ce)20122016Estratos100906800
Estratos - Small Lamp -Burgundy (Jp)20122016Estratos100907100
Estratos - Small Lamp -Burgundy (Uk)20122016Estratos100906900
Estratos - Small Lamp -Burgundy (Us)20122016Estratos100907000
Estratos - Small Lamp -Green (Ce)20122016Estratos100905600
Estratos - Small Lamp -Green (Jp)20122016Estratos100905900
Estratos - Small Lamp -Green (Uk)20122016Estratos100905700
Estratos - Small Lamp -Green (Us)20122016Estratos100905800
Estratos - Small Vase (Burgundy)20122015Estratos100906200
Estratos - Small Vase (Green)20122015Estratos100905000
Ethereal Music19942008Angels101357010
European Boy19951998Children100618741
European Love19941998Children100615540
Eve19851987Sculptures and Nudes100148231
Eve At The Tree19711986Sculptures and Nudes101202911
Evening Light20012005Women101675010
Evergreen Of Peace2008Christmas100840321
Everlasting Love2007Bridal and Romanticism100827480
Every Bunny Needs Somebody20072016Children100828710
Exam Day19841994Children100525071
Exclusive Model2018People0100935901
Exelsior Lamp Brown19711981Lighting101478600
Expecting2012Motherhood and Families100862210
Expecting Mother20052008Women101813920
Exploring The Stars20012005Angels100683920
Exploring The Stars20022005Angels101683920
Exquisite Creation2018People0100936010
Exquisite Scent19741990Children100131333
Exquisite Scent19741990Children101131300

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